Aftercare and follow-up

Rehabilitation: fit for daily living

Whatever methods your treatment involved, rehabilitation is always needed after therapy. We support your return to day-to-day living, bearing in mind all the difficulties that your disease entails. And of course physically too – so your body is ready for the challenges. We offer:

  • medical lymphatic drainage
  • treatment of joint, muscular or movement problems
  • suitable fitness exercises
  • massage for localised pain
  • scar massage
  • hydrotherapy
  • Nordic walking (a gentle return to training)

For more details, consult our brochures:

Consult here our physiotherapy exercises (in French):

Care: support way beyond the disease

Cancer care involves far more than just treating the disease. We ensure that all needs that may arise during your illness are met. Talk to us about pain, tiredness, motor disturbances, if you have questions about your diet or if body image becomes an issue. We can offer support through specialists:

  • psycho-oncologists
  • specialists in medical hypnosis
  • nutritionists
  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • specialist hairdressers

We also organise self-help groups. Our specialist Breast Care Nurses can help if you want to get in touch with other patients for mutual support.

Follow-up: we are still there for you

After treatment you can go back to your daily life, with your treating doctor looking after you. Together with them, you can count on our support. We do everything we can for lasting treatment success.

We therefore carry out tests for any potential after and side effects and to identify any recurrence at an early stage. Your aftercare programme is just as individual as your treatment and precisely aligned with this. You may sometimes have appointments and monitoring tests with specialists at the breast centre. Your doctor will inform you if this is the case.