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Oncology at Swiss Medical Network

Since 2002, Swiss Medical Network has been developing a network of private clinics in Switzerland’s three main language areas. This network includes clinics specialising in the most diverse medical fields. One of these is oncology – and a particular focus lies on senology – the fight against breast cancer, where we use state-of-the-art equipment and leading medical experts.

Recognised for its expertise in fighting breast cancer

Breast cancer is not defeated alone. Specialist senology centres have therefore become increasingly important for treatment in recent years. These offer ideal working conditions for interdisciplinary teams, thereby providing the best care for patients.

Such centres must meet high standards. These have been defined by the Swiss Cancer League and the Swiss Society of Senology. They require that specialists are highly qualified, that best practice recommendations are followed, that care services are an integral part of treatment, and that treatment deadlines are met.

The Clinique de Genolier and the Clinique Générale Ste-Anne in Freiburg meet these criteria and have been certified with the ‘breast centre’ label since 2014. The Clinique Générale- Beaulieu in Geneva has been part of this network since 2017. Together they form the ‘Centre du Sein SMN’.

The focus is on you

From the first mammography exam to treatment – with breast cancer, our patients are the focus. We make every effort so that you:

  • receive a swift, reliable diagnosis;
  • are cared for throughout the treatment;
  • are operated on as little as possible for benign changes;
  • get detailed information before every procedure and all treatment;
  • know all the opinions from the interdisciplinary tumour board;
  • receive the individual treatment that suits you best.

We are there for you – before, during and after treatment.

Care starts with the very first question. Can we help you? Call us on +41 22 366 93 67 or send us a message.