L'équipe-Content (Teil unten)

A team of consultants for your recovery 

Whether at the Clinique de Général-Beaulieu, the Clinique de Genolier, or the Clinica Sant'Anna: at Centre du Sein GSMN, the Swiss Medical Network breast centre, highly qualified specialists take care of your treatment.

Senologists specialise in all aspects of breast cancer. They recommend the best treatment plan and perform the surgical procedure. Their specialist area includes senological surgery as well as plastic surgery techniques to achieve the best result aesthetically.

Radiologists specialise in medical imaging. They interpret mammograms, ultrasound and MRT scans and take samples for biopsies.

Nuclear medicine specialists use radioactive markers for diagnosis and treatment. This is harmless to the patient’s health.

Oncologists are cancer specialists. They recommend drug therapies – precisely suited to the type and stage of the tumour.

Radio-oncologists specialise in radiotherapy. They recommend radiotherapy that varies according to the type and stage of the tumour.

Pathologists are experts in tissue investigations. They examine under a microscope the tissue taken in a breast biopsy. This means they can make an exact diagnosis.

Plastic surgeons model or rebuild the breast after a procedure and, in some cases, the other breast too.

Breast Care Nurse: an ally by your side 

Your Breast Care Nurse is always there to support you. They are at your side during treatment and follow-up. They participate in the interdisciplinary team meetings, coordinate consultants and healthcare organisations and ensure that all your questions about your diagnosis and treatment progress are answered.

Your Breast Care Nurse is very familiar with the experiences and difficulties that come with different types of breast cancer.They offer not just medical advice but also practical, social and emotional support.

To find out more about the role of Breast Care Nurses, please see this detailed brochure (in French).

Alongside the consultant and your Breast Care Nurse, the following support you along the way:

  • gynaecologist
  • treating doctor
  • psycho-oncologist
  • care teams in surgery, oncology and gynaecology
  • medicalradiology technicians
  • physiotherapist
  • occupational therapist
  • social worker
  • nutritionist
  • fertility centre
  • cantonal Cancer League